Monday, August 18, 2008

Gerhard Bartels: Another Elusive Ancestor

Full name of husband: Gerhard Bartles
Husband's father's name: John Henry Bartles
Husband's mother's name: Helena Borck
Husband's occupation: carpenter
Husband's residence: Milwaukee
Husband's birthplace: Germany

Full name of wife previously to marriage: Mrs. Anne DeLeslie
Wife's father's name: Bernard Henry
Wife's mother's name: Julia Flattery

Date of marriage: January 26, 1869
Place of marriage: Milwaukee
Color of couple: white
By what ceremony consummated: Catholic
By whom ceremony conducted: S.P. Lalumiere
Residence of person last named: Milwaukee
Names of subscribing witnesses: Ferdinand and Mary Bartles

Date of certificate: January 26, 1869
Date of registration: April 5, 1869

  • He was born in Vynen, Germany in 1832.
  • He emigrated to the USA with his younger brother, Ferdinand, in 1867 aboard the ship Cimbria, travelling from Hamburg to New York City.
  • Eventually both Ferdinand and Gerhard made their way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • In the above document (Gerhard's marriage to Anne DeLeslie in 1869), Ferdinand and his wife Mary are witnesses to Gerhard's wedding.

I cannot find any record of Gerhard or Anne DeLeslie Bartels after this marriage in 1869. Does anyone have additional information about his whereabouts after 1869? I've searched the 1870 census extensively but cannot locate him. And I do not know if he stayed in Milwaukee or moved elsewhere.

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