Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gerhard and Hendrica Voellings Family

Father: Gerhard Voellings, born about 1801 and died 1880 in Franklin, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Mother: Hendrica, born about 1808 and died in 1894 in Franklin, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

1. Johanna Voellings, born 1835. Married Heinrich Foellings.

2. William (Wilhelm) Voellings, born about 1837. Married Mary Hendricks. ** See entry below.

3. Elisabetha Voellings, born 1841. Married Heinrich Derksen.

4. Gertrude Voellings, born about 1845. Married Johann Derksen.

5. Maria "Mary" Voellings, born 1848. Married Ferdinand Bartels. Died 1933 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

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